- "Helping Internet and Network Marketers build a business while having a life."

WOW, I felt a need to write a post and explain my disappearance off the face of the Earth and think of what the hell is going on with my life

 December 2nd of this year hit me like a ton of bricks... Got notice that I will be having to go take over another site on a different project... "Sure No Problem," I replied to my boss. 

"He said with a very serious tone " It's in downtown Los Angeles ... my stomach fell to my feet.. I imagined the congestion the smog and the crazy people that awaited me..
 I could only imagine... This was about to get insane... So I thought I would explain why I have not blogged or emailed my team in almost the entire month. With all new jobs you need to get a routine down...

I work as a EMT ( emergency medical technician) by trade and have done so for the past 10 years. So the opportunity to have consistent work for the next 5 years I jumped at it. Little did I know what lay in store for me..

My "normal" work day starts out with me hearing the alarm clock go off about 2:45 am so I can can get up and get dressed and head out the door at 3:15 am. I then get into my little suv that does not have a working heater (gets cold in the high desert) and proceed down the hill literally to the valley. 

I arrive at the commuter rail station at the last stop of the line and hop on at 4:06 am it makes about a dozen stops before pulling into Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. 

This is where the fun begins. I always sit in the front of the train
right behind the engine. The ride is really a time to thrown on those ear phones or catch up on emails on my phone too and from work. 

I look around and its the same people on the same route doing the exact same thing. You got construction workers and business suits and police officers going to and from work everyday doing the same thing..
With all my knowledge that I have upstairs I know that I would be literally insane if I choose this lifestyle and moreover I would deserve to live a insane life If I did nothing to change it.
I made it a point to keep my family out of the city... and if at all possible keep them from having to uproot themselves... 

It's not that I despise the city except I have a problem if I can literally see my neighbor from across the way via windows. Not to mention if I can spit from my window and hit my neighbors house then I am too close. 

Every day I take the same route and every day I see the same people. I transition at Union 

Station to the subway. This is a experience all in itself. It seems to be filled with 2 types of people the sane that are hard working Americans and the insane..

The people that are "bums" It's not uncommon to see them sleeping at the top of the street like a piece of trash waiting for the sun to come up so they can  go about their day. 

I see little makeshift shanties along under the bridges of the commuter train route I just shake my head in disbelief at the conditions people live.

Why the hell would I want to give to foreign relief to help a child some seven thousand miles away when we have the under employed and displaced Americans in this city...

Whoa Scott, little off topic here... let's refocus here. So after three stops from Grand Central Station I pop up in the middle of the financial district  where you can look in any direction and see the building of a bank. 

As I come up the escalator I can see the project site directly starting at me. Its amazing to me that its like ants just going all over the place and doing their own thing in their own little world. To explain the job-site I work on is really that hard.  The picture below does not do it justice that is literally how my job-site looked when I first came on board..

The small modular trailer in the upper left hand side is the medical trailer ( First Aid Station )
I work in a large hole... let me be more clear on that. It' an entire block they carved out of the city three hundred feet down at its lowest point. 

This was the former site of the Grand Wilshire Hotel.. and will be once more however this is going to be the largest skyscraper West of the Mississippi. Seventy Seven (or so) stories of glass and steel set to open in 2016.

This is a huge undertaking achievement, and I find myself in the middle of all the excitement. I want this to be my last project. I don't want to continue this daily existence of a grind... I am so tired by the end of my day all I will say that the commute going home gives me the opportunity to reflect on my life...

I am happy to be working providing for my family but as the old adage goes " You got to be willing to do the things today others wont do in order to have the things tomorrow others wont." So I get out at now 4:00 pm to get on the subway make the transition over to the commuter train and get on so I can arrive at 6:00 pm at the station. 

Its going to be a good commute home as I have already missed the daily gind home and manage to be standing in the middle of my living room by 6:32 pm just in time to sit down to a good evening meal with my wonderful family

I sit with my family for the evening meal and then I start after eating on my business for the day devoting up until my eyes fall down and then get ready to do the same dance the very next day.. 

I hopefully can get to sleep by 9:00 pm with gives me the 5 hrs of sleep that I need to function It goes on 6 days a week 10 hrs a day...

So If I haven't had a post or a tweet or Facebook update.. that's why... It's been crazy.. I have tried to keep my sanity and get into a "rythem" I can work with. 

It's taken everything in me to start back up again and I don't know why. I believe that there is a secret entity at work here... something that is doing everything in its power to keep me down and have a broke mentality.

I feel like I have to make a break for it or I will never get out alive... I want to scream to the top of my lungs and get this over with... Next year is going to be a year I will never forget... My life is going in such a positive direction for the first time I can see things more clearer then ever before. I am either going to make it or die trying.

One tip I have noticed when in the subway system and around various people have your head on a swivel and don't stare at the crazy looking people ( normally mumbling to themselves) or having complete conversations with themselves... just have sunglasses on and walk on by like normal.

So what is the purpose to this post? That life is difficult its going to be hectic... we have to all do things that we don't want to for a greater good... In this life

"You have got to be willing to do the things today others wont do in order to have the things tomorrow others wont."

I am encouraging you to see other options if this post struck a nerve and understand there is a better way and I will not ever tell you its easy.... is it worth it hell yes! Click here and you will see my team and how we are expanding our vision to include multiple 6 figure earners this year !

Take care and see you on the other side

Scott Lindstrom

Alright time for me to get back into the swing of things... In this blog post what to do when things don't go your way... I have been procrastinating because my video service is having some uploading issues... naaaaa I flat out am stalling... 
In this video I do just that how to get back up and whats going to keep you on track when life is really hard on you... got to push forward... I pretty much explain it pretty good in my video...
Half the time I do the video so I dont have to write long ass boring blog posts... I know from my 30 something years on this Earth that you need to push through the crap and all the B.S to get what you want. The question at the end of the day is how bad do you want it... 

I have noticed my readership on my blog is taking a dump since my last blog post was at basically from a 100 visitors a day to now like 20.... So I am here at 10 pm talking about perseverance while I have had a super long day... 

I hope you actually take to heart how you got to have your goals written down on paper and how you have got to have a DMO ( Daily Method Of Operation ) on taking you through the tough times... In short make it happen do not allow yourself to fall victim to crap... procrastination or any other type of derailment 
See you on the next one

I want you to click on this link HERE and see how focus and vision has brought our team to get 6 six figure earners and how our team is one of the fastest growing right now!

To your success!

Scott Lindstrom 

Free Leads and how to generate them...

In this post I am not only going to show you a marketing strategies that can generate 5 - 10 leads a day I am also going to show where you can lean strategies like this and more..

There really are different types of marketing styles and  literally a buffet of types you can choose from.

The best kind of leads are the kind that connect with you and get to know you before you opt in...

A couple of things.. even though we all of styles of marketing that are are taught the  thought processes are the same...the philosophy.

One of the first things you got to understand is that you need to find a pool of people who are looking for something ... Its really hard to sell a baseball bat to a ballerina

You have got to have the right message to the right people and drop your bait in. You got to give them something that they want...

So First things first...
Make a list where these people are at... How many times have you seen free stuff (different programs) and you did not opt into the program...

Who are the people what do they want and how can I give it to them.. we need to get prospect oriented instead of me oriented..

So this list is where people are hanging out at ... FACEBOOK... friends, or in groups , fan pages there are a lot of people that are doing what we are doing... 99 percent of the the people that think are in business are not are your prospect. They are running around marketing but they will buy something from you... People that are following marketing celebs and the less accessible.

The more inaccessible that people are and the more you are is better  for you... if you go to the pages of people that are big... but you got to go to the group with a wanting to help rather then to pitch...

Groups... are spammy.. the bigger the group...
they are a challenge... people can copy and paste...yes... they are a pool... not by generating the lead by posting pay  attention that you notice that are actually working ( posting ) every day.. become friends with those that are actually working it.

YOU TUBE - look at videos interact and subscribe.. do a search on YouTube for target market and find videos and subscribe to their channel search for your target market look for videos that have uploaded videos lately ( people with a only couple of links) and interact with them...

You can go after people in other companies but build a bridge.. find people that you can meet... and subscribe to all those people when they get the email he is going to click on your channel and you check on them.. that's human nature... to investigate who and have a great opt in offer. a sexy headline or great giveaway if you done it correctly they have no way but to opt in...

You can go into You Tube and literally get your prospects and do this for like 15 minutes a day
find a video and subscribe to their channels... because and subscribe to them don't have to comment or even watch.. and you can see who is working and who is not subscribe 15 - 20 people a day...

Put cool stuff in groups... and where is this curious offer put... one can be in your description on your link
what ever video you are featuring you may want to make very prominent.

Twitter you can search for any term and see who is talking about it now... and when you have a conversation with them or find their site and talk to them like a human being.. wouldn't they want to know who you are?

Attraction Marketing is just that... if people know you then they actively seek you out and try to get to know you... there is also free where you create things and people locate you
Videos, Audios..

But the best way is to go out and grab the leads today... retail now income...  how to generate today... you can generate 5 to 10 leads a day and if you you do that you can be doing  exceptionally well.

Should you lean how to run a Facebook ad YES! Should you learn video marketing and have a alter ego... sure...why not...  should you you create a lead today that could make you sales today... yes.

Lets break this down if you only have a hour a day to market do 30 min quick hit and 30 min long term
Do something that will make you 5-10 leads now and then create a piece of content that will work for you over and over and over...

Video that is seen will get you paid over and over and over... put together a plan that will generate a profit now...

If you not a member you need to be a member of MLSP and get a trial and literally you watch people to be professional marketer and you lean how to create long term and also how to hustle professionally..

Make a buck now you can make a 100 per month right now how would that work out for you...

Curiosity creates the click..

Go to MLSP System Campaigns where you can give away free training... to generate the leads...
you can get started at an extremely low cost and see exactly how you can get started for an insane price of
$2.00 dollars but dont take my word for it... click here now to learn this tactic and others...

Why to Always Assume The Best... 

In this video Jorden is talking about how he stops from worrying...
Like Jorden I  used to get stressed over things that does not even need to worry out. Its actually kind of funny when you realize the things that you do on a regular basis and how they really have no value and what does have value is the things you create in your own mind...

I totally get what he is saying here.. It's so simple but yet so hard because we are trained on autopilot to do it every day.

Assuming is asinine.. ever hear of the expression when you assume you make yourself to be a ass out of you and me...? Why would anyone want to assume the worst? Because years of conditioning has taught us to
think that bad stuff is supposed to happen...

How about this expression " Let's hope for the best.."


Be honest how many of you this week are worried about right now? Or are bothered by something that happened weeks, months, years ago?

 How much better would you feel if you were able to let that feeling go?

Just do it... is it that simple? Really... Yes
No B.S
The funny thing is it's as easy or as hard as you make it in your mind...
Do you agree with what he is saying ?

In your hunt for Online marketing tips, always always always remember to be powerful in all of your communication. How you come off to someone is so important. Even more important then the message 
This short video will help you with improving communication skills and give you some additional online marketing tips.

What do I Mean, Speak into existence?

It’s the difference between someone talking and someone inspiring. When I talk to people about my team or my mission, they don’t doubt whether I will accomplish my goals and a lot of time it inspires them to be a part of them.The feel it like a presence in the force...

Are you inspiring people with strong words? If not, then why are you saying them? How do you come across
You need to come off not as if your faking it till you make it but one of absolute certainty.
Get excited about what you are doing and stay focused on the long term vision you created when you started your journey. You got a plan of where you want to be 
Push through the fear ...

Online Marketing Tips 

Tell them that  you are letting them know you are all-in and going to build a huge team with or without them but you would love to do it with them.
IF you are talking to your leaders, make sure they remember their own goals and call them out if they are being wussies 
IF you are encouraging members to attend training's  make sure you are relaying the message that IF they ever want to make an impact on their families and their future are never going to get there without the proper training and investment in themselves.
In short, be powerful in ALL of your Actions...

Keep on Rockin !
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Here is the Formula on How to recruit 8-10 a month and quit your day job and Never run out of people to talk to Again...

Tips to take away and use them to recruit a extra couple people a month!
There are a lot of people out there on confused on their business 

Here are some stats that can make you drop due to 

Why social media ? Because you can make a 6 figure by recruiting online

1.4 billion is on Facebook  95 percent of Facebook users log in everyday!!

60 percent of Twitter users login every day !

Google + are 359 million as of now and climbing.

47 percent of United States have bought something on or through social media. 


are you attracting or detracting prospects on your social media sites
Post create curiosity in your business… 
are you sounding like you are “over pitching”

you need to create curiosity less is more... 
Are you posting enough through out the day ( must do daily ) 
post at least 3 to 5 times during the day…

Is your profile picture company branded or you branded ?
Are you posting for profits or losses 
are you in a pitch mode 24 - 7 
Keep your post 80 percent value and 20 percent pitch

The most important is 
 Your personal picture and banner 
balance of pleasure vs business 
#1 Raise Curiosity…

SECRET WEAPON IS YOUR LIFESTYLE...  show off how you are going out and enjoying life and going places and doing things
  1. Get to company events with people that are top earners and get the pictures and videos that position you as a leader and utilize them in videos and emails... 
  2. About section… this is key when someone is looking at you and what you are about its what they look at after they connect with you...
Start targeting your prospect and how to get to your ideal prospects…
Find a fan page or groups where you prospect hangs out at… 
Click on and find some status updates and post in another group look for people that have 
100 + comments and shares and click on someone that shares exactly what you teach 

There are 4 types of personalities in this business
(sift and sort ) 

  1. LOW MAINTENANCE LOW VALUE  ( LMLV ) worthless... 
  2. HIGH MAINTENANCE LOW VALUE ( HMLV) don’t want at all that drama 
  3. HIGH MAINTENANCE HIGH VALUE ) HMHV) getting better but really needy

Send the LMHV prospect  send them a extremely personal message… 
1.You say Hey ( Their First Name) 
2.Why you messaged them + complement 
3.question at the end … ( what they do ) = 80 % response rate….

 CLOSING QUESTION… Based on what you shared with me I think that you may want to take a look at what I do, we’ve helped a lot of people in your situation. I am not sure that the business is a fit for you but I think you’d love the product… 

90 % of the time they send over the information

Get them on the phone is key *** 
Are you postured correctly in the conversation… come across as the authority person… 
Are you postured correctly in the conversation? Are you being a problem solver vs a closer?

Give yourself about 3 back and forth messages before the close….

In this post I want to talk about youtube video marketing? In this post you will find out why you want to use youtube as a source to drive traffic to your offer. I not only will go over not only why you want to do videos but I will also share a couple of awesome tips to help you in your business then I will share with you where you can get this training...

There are many different ways to market and in that there are two types of marketing paid and free. Youtube Video Marketing is a FREE strategy. Its a type of marketing where you have to be consistent and provide value to your viewers.a. So what the heck does that mean?

It means you have to give something ( or provide ) a reason why the viewer would want to opt into your list go to your website or even click on the link you provided below the video...

You need to utilize proper keyword research  FIRST and you need to make sure that you get the right targeted traffic over to your site...

You want your videos to be to the point, the world has a A.D.D complex so you need to get your prospects attention,  so be keep the video up to 5 minutes or less.

Video is extremely powerful to use in your blogs and will help boost your posts in google. It can help you dominate google if used properly You want to of course brand yourself or your business if you are building a brick and mortar business.

The power of video is evident youtube happens to be at this moment but stays always one of the top 5 websites in the world. Is it any wonder the smart marketers utilize the top trafficked websites in the world.

You can see as of 2013 that Youtube is number 3 right behind Facebook

You do know that people utilize youtube as a search engine and also is owned by Google?
Youtube Video Marketing works, it flat out produces and with that I went to a event over a weekend in San Diego California where I was taught by some of the best of the business.  We had two of the top video marketers in the entire world there and I had the opportunity to chat with them both.

I took away many many tips but I wanted to share three of the ones that I took away that were really good to know that could help me in my Youtube Video Marketing.


1. Keep your marketing video short... The world has ADD and everyone cannot focus... You go to bring the energy, get their attention, and put your subscribe button or your link in the video around the two minute mark... research shows that people will click off the video around the two minute mark.

2.  ALWAYS ALWAYS have a call to action at the end of your video... tell the person watching the video what you want to do... buy now, click here, go there...

3. KEYWORD RESEARCH... I did it when I was creating this very post, I did it when I posted the video on youtube and I do it with every piece of content that I want to drive traffic to that converts every time..

I need to introduce you to two great guys that are the authority figures of video marketing.When I was speaking about value these guys bring it!

I know youtube is a excellent way to drastically improve your marketing and help you in getting more traffic to your offer or site.. I have learned the ways of the force from the two Jedi Masters of Youtube and they have assembled the tips I have shared above and then some.

I can tell you that if you plan on attempting any Youtube Video Marketing then you need to click on the link here and see for yourself how these two guys

My hat is off to these guys who knew that shooting videos here and there could bring leads to your front doorstep! Thanks guys I appreciate you!

The MLM Bluesman Frank Marino
Mark Herbert
 P.S. To see the exact strategies and tactics that make these guys become six figure earners in their businesses click here to find out

A leader Is Born... 

MLSP Live The Dream 4 turned out to be an awesome event to attend. It's one thing to go to an event and because your register early ( like when tickets first came out) you took advantage of the low cost of $149 dollars... I need to put that into perspective...

I was around multiple 6 and 7 figure monthly earners thats $ 100k per month and I got to be given content... strategy... tips... and above all not just a pat on the back a blueprint for success...

There are many things people are willing to do and you know what I found out Successful people don't make excuses. They show up early go home late... every one of the people I had my photo taken with never gave up even though they will tell you ( no bullshit ) they almost did..

The cool part was when you can hangout at the Hotel at the bar and buy one of the leaders a drink. You get to sit down and have a conversation with someone that for the price of my ticket could not get the attention unless I paid that person a couple of hundred dollars an hour for a telephone conversation.

oThe nuggets of information I received was literally information that I could implement in my business as soon as the next lunch break... That's pretty cool. There is no magic bullet here..

Nothing is going to allow you the courage to stand up to everyone that is going to make fun of you. Or all the nasty YouTube channel comments that you are going to receive or any of the negative nasty people that you will encounter online...
I was told by the leaders that if you do not have haters then you have not made it... So there was a overall theme I would say to the event and that was
This was not just a pat you on the back make you feel good event it was a gut check that this is not for everyone. I mean there is so much room at the top it is unreal.

So here is the deal I got some awesome content and I want to share it with you as well. All you have to do is opt into my list to get these nuggets that I have learned... I came armed with a notebook and burning desire to turn frustration into income...

Ok Scott what makes you qualified to teach me? Well I know for a fact that if you are brand new I sure as hell got more basic internet experience then you... What makes a person a expert in anything the ability to learn a skill and successfully teach that skill to others...

One thing I promise and something I noticed actually. There were a lot of people that wanted the magic strategy, or the fix to get tons of leads just opting into their business. People don't realize that its all about mindset..  You have to get that thing right that is in between your ears right before your business can succeed.

My Lead System Pro is absolutely that ticket to a marketers success as their motto is " Leaders are Born here. They have the tools and training to help someone go from zero to hero... So I
would recommend checking out MLSP here and take it for a test drive for sure...
Master Marker Adam Chandler 

Marketer Master Ceaser Rodriquez 

"Attraction Marketing Queen" Dianne Hochman 

MLSP Co Founder "Internet Rockstar" Brian Fanale

MLPS Co Founder and Master Jedi Norbert Orlewicz

What the heck is he talking about hippie Jedi...? Look if a homeless man who lived in a van and make close to half a million a month and a person that believes in the mysteries of the universe actually teach other how to make thousand of dollars a month?... PLEASE do not loose the message in the messenger listen to the message...

So the hippie Jedi is talking to me in the video about a couple of things that is totally making sense to me so I wanted to pass along this information to you... LOOK I am not here to hold hands or make you feel good about yourself. I am here to share with you critical things that once you implement them into your DMO ( Daily Method of Operation ) your routine... you will be unstoppable. 
I was listening at the hippie Jedi used his mind powers on me as if trying to make me understand that the Universe will bend to my will just as it had done so for him... 

I know they say not to compare ourselves to these money earners but its hard not to at first... I mean you cant help but shake your head and say... HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?... Well there are things that you MUST do if you are going to make it, and sitting around all day is not the key ( if that is a hint at all ) 

Blogging is absolutely the most inexpensive thing you can do for your business and low cost! The truth of the matter is that you must do this every day BLOG ... BLOG EVERY DAY 

can I say that again so it soaks into your mind for a minute 


How often...? Why everyday ? It creates consistency, this is what the search engines crave and so does your readers want... now you need to treat the business like a million dollars... then don't treat it like its only a 25 dollar product! 

Some of the questions are What do I blog about and what does it matter what I promote....

Yes identifying your target market is critical and above all identifying what your are passionate about is
A blog will come from the heart so make yours count and POUR IT OUT! Especially when you are passionate about... go all out...

You got to start by jumping in and doing it and just taking action... don't worry about creating the perfect post your first couple of post will flat out suck but it's OK because you are leaning.

NOW take some action do it for the next 90-120 days and see where you are after you have blogged constantlyposted videos...

DON'T COMPARE yourself to anyone... don't be someone that you are not just be who you are... there are people that will be fake and try hard to be someone that they are not. People have a good bullshit meter and it will show through in your post and in your videos if that is the case.

Now some people ask the question - DO I POST ONE POST or a bunch of blogs all over the place with so so content..DO one post and make that one count! Do QUALITY over QUANTITY...

Set your intention with the end in mind... What do you want this post to do for people where are you going to go with it?

So what did the hippie Jedi tell me about getting traffic to the blog post well there is some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that you can learn about... Use some social syndication techniques like taking your blog post and sending as a email and then posting your blog post on your FB wall...

Hey make sure to comment on your posts you are receiving and have an engagement with the people that come to your blog... If you are not commenting on the traffic that your posts are receiving then you need to start doing that... remember social interaction gets viral traffic started...

And above all Share and communicate and share your story with story is absolutely powerful and your reasons as to why you are committed to doing something ( or not ) is important!

So in closing I want you to see first hand this actual system and how its help create more thousand - ares ( yes I just created that word ) then any other industry... Its a bold statement but then again this is talking about taking action here .... click here now and see you on the other side.

So  ------> Live The Dream  <-------- event is being hosted 2013 in San Diego California and the reason for this post is that I will be attending but I plan on getting something out of this event...

  • New Relationships - 
  • Photographs of Million Dollar Earners 
  • Interviews 
  • And Above all gold nuggets that you can get with a someone that can give you one piece of advice just one moment with a leader that can change your business forever. 

Either way events have to be integrated into your business either you have to attend them or host them...I opted to take time off work to attend this event Saturday and Sunday... I will awake non stop for the next 48 hrs!!!

I have posted  a screenshot of the webinar the top 10 things you want to do and the things that you don't want to do while attending not just this event but any large scale event...

Click Here to see the Live The Dream Event in San Diego 

 In this post I want to share with tow cool.. But First Click here and subscribe to my other videos  Blogging. These are tips that will help you with your process of creating a blog. I Why create a blog because it creates a stable hub for your targeted traffic to go to and interact with you... It allows you to communicate with your viewers and creates constant content that the search engines just love... it Allows you to have a platform ( soapbox ) to have your passion be heard... Now if you want to learn how to make money online and learn how to turn your passions or anything that you want to into income.

 I have a course for you that will show you step by step on how to do here  on the link to see what I am talkin about... P.S It's only $25 dollars and I don't know when the price is going to go back up so click the link now! I don't even think you can see a move with a date for that price anymore!

I had the pleasure of going with the family to Calico Ghost Town located between Las Vegas NV and Los Angeles California.

Me the wifey and our 4 kids had the opportunity to California's largest Silver Mine at one time... In fact if you ever been to Knott's Berry Farm in Southern California the idea for the GHOST TOWN was taken directly from the Calico Ghost Town...

I will next year be going in a Motor home and camping over the weekend... I had the opportunity to take a "Last Ride" in a actual coffin... It had a soundtrack of someone being picked up from the mortuary and then driven ( very badly ) to the cemetery and then thrown down in the ground. I had more of a claustrophobic issue then I did with the bumping around the inside...

That is the only time I want to be alive and inside a coffin... Other then that I totally recommend going to the State Historic Park

My friend Dave Wood in this video ... who I have a ton of admiration and highly respect literally blew up the servers ( there were 40 ) of them and you had to go straight to YouTube to watch the stream. It was a power packed, mind numbing, note takin frenzy...

I will leave it at that... literally this video should come with a price tag for the information given...
If you want to know after you pick your jaw off the floor and you feel this inclination to pull your credit card out of your wallet and click get started button below..

Hey guys and gals.. wanted to shoot a quick video on YOUTUBE.. I just had a friend of mine that literally had hours and hours of powerful content and information wiped off off the face of the earth by the giant known as YOUTUBE... 

I am posting this video YOUTUBE so if you see a blank screen about on my blog post where I embedded the video and no video is showing then you will know why... ;)

I am a professional internet marketer and I am going to post a lot of content for my fans and my team and I want to go ahead make content that will be around for years to come...

It makes me sick to my stomach to think literally my friends channel...  the hours of blood sweat and tears...his channel erased... Now, he had to pull some strings jump backwards and forwards and a near act of God to get his channel back? But he did.

Why? Because people, ( HATERS) can flag your account and the big giant does not care nor do they care to respond very quickly to your customer service needs either...

There are people that don't like you don't like what you stand for don't want you to succeed and that exactly why I am taking steps to secure my future...

So I am from this moment hosting all valuable content off site and keeping all original video backed up!
I plan on pouring on the value and if you are going to be in it to win it you might want to think about doing the same...

Don't get me wrong I will still use YOUTUBE still but not as my primary source of hosting videos...


Hosting on a video hosting site is roughly $20 - $50 bucks a month but then again I look it as something I simply cannot live without... Protect you first amendment rights!
So do you know of anyone that had gone through something similar?

SO GOODBYE YOUTUBE I wont miss you... and I am sure you wont miss me...

I like you to leave a comment below share a I would  like to hear a comment or story of someone you know this happened to them... take care and have a awesome day...

Wanted to shoot a quick video of 3 Facebook Tips that could help you in no particular order...and above all I wanted to give you access to a special bonus.

There is a lot of information online about Facebook Marketing for businesses, techniques that are not used
anymore for the 2013 recent updates.

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Eight simple steps are more than enough to position your business into a whole new level of success applying the latest and most effective Facebook Marketing Techniques that takes just minutes to apply.

This course will help you to:

- Get your business on Facebook today.
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Scott Lindstrom

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Here  I am going to go over list building so we will go over how to properly build your list and why that is so important.

What Kind of List you build online is Critical... Image having a following and a highly responsive list...
What is List building and what kind of list can you build online??

If you are offline you used to do it with friends and family and everyone in your warm market but this is not like that... if you have gone to your friends and family in the past this is NOT that kind of list..

I am talking about laser targeted and highly qualified... they opted in they are looking for your information and your training. And if they don't like what you have to offer then they will opt out.. You will built trust with your people on your list that could possibly help them... whatever you think you can provide value... and that develops trust and rapport

People join those who they like know and trust...

Why would you take care of your list?  If you treat them well and they will treat you well... Never abuse your list by offering them things that they cannot use do not give them more then 2 email a day... why? Do you like getting multiple emails every day... but we will save the science behind email marketing for another day. Do, offer them training and boot camps and give it to your list for free...

You list is like a online ATM you have to connect your people to things your list is looking for. and connect them to products and services. People are looking for a way to generate leads and people are looking for training to help them in their existing business.

So ...How do you build your list?

Learn about marketing funnels and marketing systems... ie capture pages, auto-responders and follow up..

Build you list consistently...and when you have a highly converting funnel and you have people in your funnel you know what they are going to buy they are going to get involved...

Take Massive action daily...

Pick a market strategy and then go... do it and MASTER IT... FOCUS and consistently and market daily and get into a flow in a grove and identify what is working and what is not. How can you test and tweak your marketing and approach if you are not marketing daily.

At the very least blog daily... put out content and then there will come a day where the list will grow because you have compounded the interest. Stay plugged into the power source... There are may different webinars and training you can hop on... stay connected to the leaders.

I blog daily to keep totally in tune with my readers and offer them things they can apply in there business and generate right now between 20 - 40 leads daily! To see the system I am using click below...

You need to engage your prospects now.. and get their attention more than ever as of right now there is 57 thousand years of information on the internet and a lot of it is crap. In this post we will expose how to showcase your videos and get people drawn to yours.

IF you go on YouTube and you search for something it’s a tad bit boring… For all of you
The best traffic is not from google and its not from f book or any websites and its from YouTube and its from your followers. Is Facebook a list? Yes , in a way especially your fan page. Your lists are still people that want your content your followers.. every new video they get a notification once they subscribe.

You should be using video in your marketing. Instead of just shooting a video you need to gamify the video no longer then 6 min. make it fast short and to the point.

Gamification – Gamify your video… wow its time to step it up a notch


that is an example of how to gamify your videos 

You can use annotations with You Tube and pick and have your audience and pick something form the screen. It’s all about value… send your people down a path…and this is something that could possible go viral… there is a pop up at the end where there is a subscribe button…always...

1.      Mind map of what you do and find a way to captivate your audience and create value
< Its time consuming > but it can be very worth it…

You have one main video and explaining and having links on the video going to other links
There are multiple ways to go from the main video ( many different videos from the main one ) like spider legs

Or one main video and it’s a snake and you can map it out
Map out how do you provide the value and be creative…people love games
Video manager is you need to make all of them UNLISTED unless they have a link or annotation that will take them there… make the first video public and then the others are unlisted.

As an example 
10 videos and 1 main video and pick one number if you get the lucky number you get the free training. And then make 10 videos and pick one that is a winner.

You have to provide VALUE!!!

Make sure you number your videos in whatever your game is… 
There is no limit on what you can do… better then you just bobbing your head around talking in a video ..

When you upload you want to edit it and go to video page which is the video manager and one that is edit

Go to annotations and you can add  and pick spotlight on the graphic you have and make it as tight as possible and then add a link and ad a video link to your video… so literally you can put links on the video… and make shure you open and in another window… and you have people that is looking at your video while they are staying on your website… the more views you get and the higher google will feature you and suggest to other users…

At the end you always want people to subscribe and link and comment on the videos

How do you add annotations you can upload pictures they are hovering over video on purpose
You have to create the video and add the graphic to the video… then you add the annotation.. to the image.

If you embed your video anywhere on Facebook or a blog… when you embed the video on Facebook and post the video links are clickable! very cool! 

So if they loose by clicking on the wrong number then they go back to the beginning of the game (the orginal video)  . Make sure all your videos have all the correct annotations.

How to do the graphics is easy. They are actually part of the video and on a MAC is called called screen flow it costs around $ 99 dollars and you got to do edits.. and windows its called  Camtasia… 
video editor..  you need to get a video editor…

Always put a subscribe button at the end of your video...
Go to video (that you made) and put annotations on your video… you insert a graphic into your video.Go to google and put subscribe button in google and go to images and you insert the images in your video! Put subscribe button so it goes to the end of the video…

Do NOT send people to capture pages! Don’t want to lose your work…YOUTUBE will pull your work! 
Newsletter options (yes) you can put a annotation for revelent websites and a newsletter would be fine... 
 Send to other videos only… Fiver get a trailer… at the end of your video…something to close it out
In the description you can send people to other links…
Make sure you do a call to action in the videos! You need to tell the person what to do at the end of the video.

To grasp this whole gamification of YouTube check out or search for 
( You Tube tick tack toe ) 
You can send them to a link to your blog to download a file from the annotation to your blog ( if its revelent content) 

Send traffic to you blog and get some blog traffic and send em an opt in form from your blog.
As a side noteI have noticed more and more internet Marketers upgrade to a MAC…lol 

Tip : Offline Marketing..  For a brick and mortar business go to keyword planner tool in
Google .put a location of the business in the city and state  and the type of business and see how many searches or typeof searches as this is extremely targeted searches You are not going to get a lot of
Competition locally… which you can rank really high... Now produce a video and put in those keyword for the city , state and what the profession is and your video should rank extremely high on the search engines. 

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